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Your advert on is the most popular website designed for Polish nationals living in the North of England and one of the biggest Polish websites in the UK. The website boasts over 70.000 unique visitors every month (each computer is counted as one) and has almost 4.000 registered users. The website is a useful source of information both for Poles already living here and the ones planning to come to the UK. offer many advertising options; from small adverts, single banners for large advertising campaigns through to complex advertising campaigns involving banners, sponsored articles and newsletters.

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Advertising medium size [pixels] format comments
Banner XL 960 x 80 JPG, GIF, SWF rotating for max 2
Banner L 180 x 180 JPG, GIF, SWF rotating for max 2
Banner M 180 x 70 JPG, GIF, SWF rotating for max 2
Banner S - Business Catalogue
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- text + logo rotating
Sponsored article1 - text rotating for max 3
Newsletter2 - text -
Classifieds3 (see more) - tekst -
  1. written by yourself or us
  2. email (created by yourself or us) sent to all registered users of
  3. adverts in the following sections: homes, jobs, buy/sell, various (click here to find prices)

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive a detailed pricelist or statistics for please contact:

Marcin Kwiatkowski
Business Development Manager
+44 (0) 7540 222-487