Leeds-Manchester.pl jobs is the most popular website for the Polish community in the North of England.

Leeds-Manchester.pl for employers

You can now go to Leeds-Manchester.pl and upload a classified job advert and pay by credit/debit card in one simple operation. This new hassle free and secure system means less time and your advert is on the web immediately.


Credit/Debit Card Payment

  • GBP 35 per 30 days

Invoiced Payment

  • GBP 42 per 30 days

Contact us

If you need help please contact Leeds-Manchester.pl:

Marcin Kwiatkowski
+44 (0) 7540 222-487
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Please Note:
  • You will receive the payment confirmation from PayPoint.net. However, if you would like to receive the invoice, please email us
  • One advert for each job please, e.g. you can place one advert for 10 Warehouse Operatives but not for 10 Warehouse Operatives and a Supervisor. In this case the Supervisor would require a separate advert. Adverts that do not comply with these rules or infringe any UK law may be removed or altered without notice.

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